How to Draw a Shark Easy

How to Draw a Shark Easy

The first step to learn how to draw a shark is to sketch out the basic outline. Start by drawing a diagonal irregular oval shape with a pointed right edge and a slight bump on the opposite side. Then, trace this outline using a thick pencil, keeping in mind that mistakes can be erased easily. After this, you can begin the body of the fish. Make sure to use light strokes to avoid blurring the image and ensure that you have a clear outline of the whole animal.

Next, sketch out the fins of the shark. The dorsal fin and pectoral fin are curved triangles. Then, outline the body lines, which extend downward and connect to the tail. Don’t forget to draw in the sharp teeth and the nostrils. Finally, draw the gills and the outlines of the shark’s eyes. Using a ruler, make sure that you have a straight line across the top of the head.

Once you’ve outlined the shape of the shark’s body, add details. The head of the shark is usually a half-circle, with a nose and an empty space on the lower left. You can add a fin on the left or right side. Next, draw the shark’s fin and join the two arc shapes at the tail. Remember to draw the eyes and nostrils. You can also draw the dorsal fin and tail later on.

Once you’ve completed your base, it’s time to add details. Adding air bubbles and squirts will make the fish look real. Take your time with this step and don’t skip any of the steps! You’ll be amazed at the end result! If you’ve ever wanted to draw a shark, try out this easy tutorial! You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily it can become!

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Generally, a shark’s body is a half-circle. The mouth is located in the center. You should draw a single line to represent the mouth and eye of the shark. You should then add the dorsal fin and the fins, which are curved triangles that point upwards and downwards. If you want to add more details to the fish, use the color of the body as a guide.

Once you have a basic outline, you can add details. If you want to create a realistic-looking shark, start with the basic shapes. Afterward, you can add more detail, such as the teeth, fins, and gills. After you’ve completed the basics, you can concentrate on the face of the shark and draw the details, such as its eyes and teeth. In addition, you should make the fins as pointed as possible.

Now, you should draw the body. Then, you should add the fins. The dorsal fin is the one at the front of the shark’s head. The right pectoral fin is at the back of the shark’s body. The two-sided tail is at the end of the shark’s body. Then, add the ventral fins, which are two smaller triangular shapes on either side. The two-sided lateral fins are at the back of the shark’s fins. These help the fish move up and down.

You need to start the drawing by drawing a curved, uneven line from the nose to the tail. Then, you should add the bottom body. It should be flat and smooth, with an open mouth. You should also draw a slit-shaped, circular eye. Then, you should draw the dorsal fin. After these steps, you’re ready to finish the shark. Once you’ve completed this step, you can add other details.

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Then, you can start adding details, including the tail. To make the tail look more natural, add a small, rounded triangle to the centerline of the body. Once the body is finished, you can add the pectoral fin. This is the curved fin on the left side of the shark. Then, add the pectoral fin to the bottom of the body. Then, make sure the tail and the dorsal fin are connected.