How to Draw a Shark For Kids in Less Than 15 Minutes

How to Draw a Shark For Kids in Less Than 15 Minutes

This step-by-step drawing tutorial will show kids how to draw a shark in less than 15 minutes. Follow the steps in order to create an attractive drawing. The first step is to outline the body of the shark. Next, outline the fins and mouth. Use easy strokes to define the details. Then, add the fins and mouth. Once the shark is defined, it’s time to add the fins and mouth.

The next step in how to draw a shark is to add fins and details. Make sure to work on every detail and remove any extra lines. Begin by sketching the bottom body with the mouth formation and continue the upper and lower body line to the tail. Now, join the two arc shapes to form the tail. After completing the body and fins, draw the shark’s nose and eye shapes. Add a dorsal fin and gills.

The fins on a shark are made of three arched lines. Then, trace the dorsal fin. The pectoral fin is the part of the shark’s underbelly. The mouth is an inverted triangle. After completing the fins, add the eyes and gills. You can then erase the extra lines. Finally, add the bottom body and mouth formation. You’ll then want to join the upper and lower body lines to form the tail.

Once you have completed the body and fins, you can move on to the fin placement. Once you’ve finished the basic shape of the shark, the final step is to choose gray and black crayons. Once you’ve selected your favorite pencil colors, it’s time to begin the drawing. The fun part is that your child can use whatever color they like, so they can create a shark with ease.

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After the basic shape is finished, the next step is to add fins and air bubbles. While this step might seem overwhelming, it’s vital to complete the entire drawing for kids. It will be a great project for the kid in your life. You can even share it with your friends and family. Once your kid finishes drawing, it’s time to add more details. Then, it’s time to color the dorsal fin.

Once you’ve finished the head, you’ll need to add the fins. These are part of the shark’s body. Adding the fins will make it look realistic. Lastly, you need to add the fins and the mouth. Your child will be impressed with the finished product! You can also use the fins to draw the shark’s eyes. This step will give kids a better idea of how to draw a shark.

After you’ve completed the basic outline of the shark, add the details of the body. The mouth and pectoral fins are the main parts of the shark’s body. The dorsal fin is a V-shaped inverted triangle. After you’ve finished the body and the fins, you can add the fins and the eyes. In this step, the shark’s nose and eyes are drawn in the middle of the drawing.

Then, add the fins and air bubbles. After you’ve completed the head and the body, you can add the fins and the gills. Then, make the shark’s eyes and mouth asymmetric. Lastly, draw the fins and the tail. Then, make the shark’s mouth a triangular shape. Once the shark is done with these steps, the details are ready to be added.

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In the last step, you’ll add fins and air bubbles. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to add details and air bubbles. Now, you can add the details of the shark’s head. In this step, you can also draw the mouth and the dorsal fin. You’ll need a curved line to complete the shape of the shark’s head.

Now, you’ll need to create a mouth and sharp teeth. In order to make this, follow the steps in the picture below. You’ll need to add the fins to the mouth. Then, you can draw the shark’s teeth and jaws. Once you’ve finished these steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating an attractive shark. It’s always fun to learn how to draw a shark for kids!