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Underwater Adventures in St Thomas

Underwater Adventures in St Thomas

Underwater Adventures in St Thomas

If you’re a lover of the ocean, St. Thomas is the place to go. In addition to the gorgeous beaches and charming bars, the island offers breathtaking underwater adventures. To fully experience these attractions, it’s best to rent a boat from a St. Thomas boat rental service. The most popular way to see the island is by water, so renting a boat is a must-do while visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Most dive tours have age restrictions. Guests must be at least 4 feet tall and be able to swim. The maximum weight limit is 350 pounds. Moreover, there are certain medical conditions that can’t be accommodated in these tours. Guests must sign a medical waiver prior to participating. For example, they must be in good health, have a clean bill of health, and have no previous history of heart problems or other heart conditions. If you have any of these conditions, make sure to get a note from your primary doctor before booking the tour.

Besides being at least four feet tall, snorkeling tours require participants to be at least eight years old. However, guests with health issues may not be allowed to participate in these tours. They must be able to swim and climb a swim ladder or platform. In addition, participants must be in good physical condition to participate. The maximum depth of the water is eight feet, and the tour operator should inform you of any restrictions or limitations before signing up for the excursion.

The SNUBA tour involves a 30-minute taxi ride to the dive site. The cost is $12 to $14 per person. The tour includes all necessary equipment. Children under the age of eight are not eligible to participate. There are some medical requirements that need to be met before booking a diving excursion. The SNUBA tour is not available on public holidays, such as Easter, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving.

Guests should be at least eight years old and able to swim. The maximum depth of eight feet is required to participate. For guests who are not in good physical condition, they should consult their doctors before taking part in this activity. Those with heart conditions or other health conditions should not participate in this tour. For these tours, a physician’s note is required. When booking a dive, be sure to ask your travel agent about the diving policies.

While most people are confident swimming and snorkeling, pregnant women and people with medical conditions may not be able to safely undertake the activity. The maximum depth of this excursion is eight feet. The tour will take approximately thirty minutes and cost between $12 and $14 per person. The tour costs approximately $120 to $220 per person. There are some restrictions, including that participants must be at least eight years old. It cannot be conducted on holidays.

Guests must be at least four feet tall and able to swim before taking part in the SNUBA tour. Some medical conditions may prevent guests from participating in this activity, so it is important to check with the tour operator’s diving policy to confirm that you’re not pregnant. A SNUBA session will last for approximately one hour. A Scuba dive can be as little as 8 feet deep. You’ll need to have the right equipment for this type of activity.

In order to participate in the SNUBA tour, you must be at least eight years old and have a good swim ability. While the tour is safe, it does have some restrictions. Those with certain medical conditions or a history of hypoglycemia should not take this tour. The maximum depth is eight feet. In some cases, the tour may not be available on holidays. In case you’re interested in taking this tour, visit the official website.

Among the various SNUBA tours, you should know that there are some medical conditions that must be considered. You can’t go on one without a medical waiver. You should also be at least eight years old. For your safety, you should also bring a towel and swimsuit. Before you go on the SNUBA tour, you should check with the tour operator’s diving policy. You must be in good physical condition.

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